Friday, May 7, 2010


Its polaroid week, so since I can't afford the film anymore (which is a shame seeing that I have three of their cameras), I took the opportunity to scan in some very old polaroids that haven't gotten the attention they deserve:

I took this one in 24 hour party London, which, when I went, was full of mods because I squeezed my trip in RIGHT before nu-rave started becoming meta-popular.

There's a Buddhist center near my house. They have colorful flags.

I'm submitting one or two pieces to CMYK magazine's Top 100 New Creatives #48 competition, photography section. I think my urban exploring photographs are interesting enough to maybe get looked at and not just tossed aside. CMYK is all graphic design and contemp. illustration, so they wouldn't look twice at my pretty pastel Tuscany pics.

So I'm submitting something grittier--like this:

On an unrelated note--I submitted this picture of my Dad to ""

My Dad looked like the kind of guy I would hang out with--drinking guiness, playing scrabble, and arguing about Schopenhauer.

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