Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I miss photobooths

Why are all the photobooths in boston slowly being erased/replaced by the crappy kind that make stickers or have some lame border around them? What happened to the old-school county fair super-saturated quality photobooths?

Its the only way I will ever accept having my photo taken.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

On a lighter note...

Finally borrowed the 35mm film scanner from boss-lady, and have been sorting through old film, most from college, and most of which I've never seen until this week. Got it developed, but never printed because in college, which was hard-to-the-core, we had to do the color darkroom work ourselves. This meant that only the best of the best got printed by yours truly, who is lazy to the max, which also means that some of these photos are utterly better than ones I actually printed, it was just hard to tell squinting over a lightbox with a loupe.

So be impressed that I managed to do something productive in college between ill-advised sexual encounters and epic blow binges that would have put scarface to shame.

2 etsy front pages...

Well, apparently I'm good at something, and that something is making etsy treasuries. Now, other than my long-standing dream of owning a little boutique that sells art, home-goods and vintage clothing, I'm not sure how this talent is going to come in handy, but as I think it is a combination of design training, having good taste, and knowing about photographic techniques, I guess you could say that it will come in handy one day, if I ever get a GOD DAMNED JOB.


First batch of new urbex shots

Taken in an abandoned department store in Rhode Island. They're pretty dark, but I like them that way.