Thursday, May 6, 2010

Happy Birthday to me...

No, seriously

Happy Birthday TO ME.

I got this Rollei today (I can't open it until the 14th...damn you childhood traditions). I've been pretty much wandering around in a blissful haze that nobody understands except maybe etsy people. It's a thing of beauty.

Also I was included in a treasury yesterday, which makes my little heart pitter patter:

I've got to turn in my framed photos to the store that I sell at these days--I keep putting it off because its taking 17 million years to get my 10x10 image of chianti framed.

But....CAMERA!!! OOH!!!

(did I mention this is the first camera I'm getting as the start of my half-sleeve tattoo?)


  1. happy birthday (early) and wow... this is a great prezzie ....

    can you get somebody to shoot your tattoo as it goes along? I did that with my daughter and now we both think it's priceless :)

  2. I'm not too sure, I just can't tell, ARE YOU EXCITED OR WHAT!?!
    Happy birthday, by the way!

  3. thank you :) It *is* a great prez. I wanted a 'blad, but a) they didn't have any, and b) I don't have 800 bucks and neither does anyone who would be buying me presents. Hah.

    I'll bring my someone along to shoot this time--my second tattoo I went by myself, and the first I was with 3 other girls but we were drinking take-out margaritas and none of us were really in the 'picture taking' state of mind.

  4. Awesome present!! And a very Happy Birthday to you, too!

    I agree - share pics of the tattoo process :)

  5. happy early birthday as well! way cool present! and agreed....totally want to see photos of the tattoo!!

  6. Happy (early) Birthday! Old cameras make the best presents!

  7. thanks all! I can't afford that tattoo just yet, I'd say I'll get it within the month. And there will be as many pictures as possible without the scary motorhead-listening tattoo artists getting pissed.