Tuesday, May 4, 2010

holga vs. digital

Welcome to my new blog. I thought that maybe I needed a separate blog for my photography, as the previous 'fashion/graphic design/photography/interior design/things i want to buy/comic books' themed blog was getting a little theme crowded. Plus, interest in my photography seems to be growing (er, knock on wood, or whatever) so why not have a place to put my new work.

So here we are.

By the way...my new plywerk print just arrived in the mail today. I'm only vaguely slightly obsessed.

Relatedly: Why is it so goddamned hard to find square frames these days when tons of hipsters are lovingly fondling their Dianas/Holgas/Polaroids/Hasselblads? You'd think that there would be at least some nice place that caters to this clientele, but nooooo. I wasted an hour at Target today looking for square frames, and all I ended up buying was a cheap skirt and a bottle of Gatorade. Not helpful.

But on a brighter note, look at this awesome necklace I scored from etsy:

Pretty sweet, huh?

My birthday is...sometime soon. I dunno...the 14th of May, whenever that is. I'm going to Redemption Tattoo in Cambridge, and getting the start of a vintage-camera-themed half-sleeve. The first camera I'm starting with? A rolleiflex. After that? An Agfa Isolette. A Land Camera. Etc. Etc. It's gonna be badassery.

Oh, I guess I'll post a photo I worked on today:

Sort of different for me. Yes or no?


  1. Love the photo! I also love your writing style - very down to earth. ;) You've got a new follower now!

  2. Yay! I love new followers! I love blogspot! This is great!